Questions & Hopefully Answered…😀

On this page I will do my best to answer some of the most common questions I often get asked regarding my Christmas window murals which I paint in Victoria, BC and area”.

  • Do you know this guy on TV, you remind me of him… I forget his name but he paints “happy little trees”?
  • 😀Haha yes, Bob Ross:)
  • What sort of paint do you use?
  • 😀Magic snow paint! (Water soluble)
  • (Possibly soon available for sale)
  • Do you also clean the windows?
  • 😀No I do not, the clients take care of cleaning their own windows, I don’t find that part to be very creative
  • Are the windows easy to clean?
  • 😀Yes easy with a damp cloth & water
  • (Contact me if you need more details)
  • How long lasting are the paintings?
  • 😀For as long as you leave them up, they can last for years with proper care
  • Do you also paint with colors?
  • 😀I find adding color to the winterscapes ruins the overall look and feel. My murals can remain on your windows all winter if you like because they don’t necessarily shout out “Christmas”, but rather a peaceful winter scene
  • How do you paint so many windows?
  • 😀My “copy cats” also paint windows.
  • (If the window painting is not signed with Labonte, its only a copy)
  • Do you charge by the hour?
  • 😀Thanks for asking, no I charge by the branch! 🙂
  • (Haha but seriously, my work is affordable and different factors determine the cost by the job)
  • Do you have room for another client?
  • 😀I certainly will try to fit you into my schedule as it is humanly possible, first come first served
  • Do you paint homes as well?
  • 😀I certainly do paint residential homes & would be honored to paint your windows for Christmas
  • How can I book with you?
  • 😀Simply call my number and leave a clear & detailed message or view my contact page
  • What do you do the rest of the year?
  • 😀Thanks for asking… I paint residential & commercial wall murals, please visit my website MuralsBC.com to view my mural work. I also paint seasonal themed windows. If you wish, you can follow my Facebook updates.
  • Are you Italian?
  • 🐸No I’m French Canadian…Bonjour:)
  • You must love your work?
  • 😀Thank-you!… yes I do very much and feel very blessed to be able to share my passion with everyone who views my paintings. I find great pleasure in knowing my work can bring joy into someone’s life!
  • Do you also paint wall murals?
  • 😀Yes I certainly do paint wall murals, this is what I do throughout the year:)
  • I paint residential and commercial murals
  • Can  I consult with you about painting a wall mural for my child’s room?
  • 😀Certainly!… I love painting murals for kids! Let’s arrange a time to meet.

If the above questions are not answered, please feel free to contact me anytime…Have a beautiful, healthy and inspiring day!